Currently in Taipei American School, we are given "Student Handbooks" to write down the agenda each day and to check the calendar for school events. Like most schools, though, we weren't required to write down homework or even use the agenda if we didn't want to. This made student handbook usage rare in our school. In the 15 random people I asked, only 1 or 2 bring the handbook, and 1 person out of the 2 actually used it. I myself don't bring it either, and I hoped to change that. Not neccesarily make the handbook better, but to CREATE a better, more portable, and usable handbook.

The Issue

The biggest issue of the handbook is that the task of bringing the handbook around just weren't worth the benefits it brought to school life. Furthermore, having Blackboard, an online website that posts school homework, as our homework checker, there is even less motivation to handwrite homework for every single class (especially when they only give us a few lines to write). Below is how the student handbook and Blackboard look like.

We can see the lack of effeciency of writing on a such limited paper canvas that must be brought around 24/7.

Blackboard, on the other hand, provides instant homework from our most beloved PC.